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Kristin Tichenor

President & Founder

Kristin founded the College Admissions Collaborative Highlighting Engineering and Technology (CACHET) as a way to promote opportunities for students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Her recent doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania focused on organizational change and leadership transitions in academia. Kristin is a passionate advocate for policies and programs that support access, equity and inclusion for individuals of all backgrounds. She is also the proud parent of two daughters who chose to pursue careers in STEM — data analytics and aerospace engineering — no doubt due to all those awesome STEM outreach programs they attended over the years!

Pamela O’Bryant

Executive Assistant

Pamela brings more than 25 years of experience as an executive assistant to her work at CACHET. Her expertise in planning and executing events has been a key part of CACHET’s success, working closely with both caterers and hotel management to ensure that the annual events go off seamlessly. In addition to her excellent work managing CACHET finances, she is the first line of defense as it relates to correspondence with secondary school counselors and member institutions. In addition to her duties as an executive assistant, Pam enjoys working in her yard and volunteering locally. She is also a devoted grandmother of five.

Melissa Leahy

Research Associate

Melissa joined the CACHET team in 2017 and helps with data collection, budgeting, and event planning and execution. An alumna of WPI and first generation college graduate, her own STEM pathway has led her to serve her alma mater in admissions, enrollment management and institutional research capacities for over 20 years. Recently she has gained a whole new perspective of the college search process as a parent. And while child #1 found his perfect fit at a fabulous art school, she looks forward to being in more familiar territory with child #2 (a future engineer)!

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